Why I meditate

Hello Friends

I am continuing with this month's "love your selfie" theme and want to share a little about my meditation practice because it has changed my life for the better.                                       

It wasn't easy for me when I started. Actually, it felt more like torture but I continued to practice because in between my anxiousness and restlessness I experienced little tiny moments of peace and I wanted to feel more of that. Over time, I learned how to let the restlessness fade away and started to see and feel changes in myself and my life. 

 I noticed I was able to remain calm during life's mini crisis. (Nothing like be able to take a deep breathe instead of reacting). I also became more accepting and forgiving of others and myself and overall kinder and more patient. All of this has made me a happier person. I could write a novel about my journey and maybe one day I will. For now, I just want to share this simple meditation for you to try. 

Sit comfortably in easy pose with your legs crossed on the floor or in a chair whichever is more comfortable.

EYE POSITION: Focus your lightly closed eyes at the third eye point (between the eyebrows)

MANTRA: SAT NAAM (means truth is my identity)

MUDRA: (Hand position) With the four fingers of the right hand feel the pulse on the left wrist. Place the fingers in a straight line lightly so you can feel the pulse in each fingertip. On each beat of the heart mentally repeat Sat Naam.

TIME: Set a timer for 7 minutes and then work it up to 11. If 7 feels impossible start with 3 minutes. 

COMMENTS: This a good meditation for someone who doesn't know how to meditate. It allows you to control reaction to any situation and can bring sweetness to the most scattered minds.

If you live in New York and would like to join one of my meditation classes, I teach every Wednesday at Stein Senior Center on 23rd Street and 3 Ave. (2nd floor) The class is from 1-2 pm. Technically the class is for people 62 and older but I think they will be okay if you drop in for my meditation class. 

This article outlines the many benefits of meditation. You will be amazed. http://liveanddare.com/benefits-of-meditation/

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Please feel free to comment and share your experience with your meditation practice in the comments on the blog. I would love to read about them. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's day