This shrug is for the girl who wants to juggles each day
in style and comfort.

This shrug rolls into the travel bag
and out on the mat for the yogi.

This shrug is on the dancer before she warms up
and an extra layer for a cold walk home

It smooths the transition from sunny to cloudy and from day tonight.

Perfect when it’s hot outside and cold and airconditioned inside
(think movies, the office, a man’s car, buses, subway, the grocery,
airplanes, ferries, cruise ships, and convertibles)

The shrug is sleeves for your sleeveless shirts and dresses

Eight different looks all comfy and cozy next to your skin.
Some girls like it for one look while others like to change it around.

This is my favorite piece of clothing.

I don’t leave home without it.
I just roll it up and put it in a small purse
and I don’t feel like I am carrying the kitchen sink.

P.S. I love it so much I made one for you !!!